Asbestos & Mass Tort Litigation

Asquith & Mahoney, PC has been involved in a variety of mass tort litigation, with a concentration on the defense of asbestos law suits. Throughout the firm's history, we have represented various defendants in the Rhode Island asbestos litigation.

Jack and John Mahoney have defended manufacturers, contractors and premises owners in hundreds of asbestos personal injury claims brought against them. Jack and John Mahoney have in excess of 50 years of combined experience in toxic tort and mass tort litigation. We are one of the few law firms handling these matters exclusively in Rhode Island. Our extensive and exclusive experience in the Rhode Island asbestos litigation has enabled us to secure exceptional settlements on behalf of our clients.

Asquith & Mahoney, PC handles all of its cases with a focus on a vigorous defense of the client, while also taking into consideration the significant costs and expenses of this complex litigation. In addition, our fees are competitive and we work with, and listen to, our clients to develop original methods to handle their files. This open relationship with our clients results in significant savings, while maintaining the highest standard of legal representation.

Asquith & Mahoney is continuously interested in working with new clients in the defense of their asbestos matters.